Eduardo de la Calle – Nadernimai (Electropical Record, 032)

Our Thursday selection: Eduardo de la Calle – Nadernimai (Electropical Record, 032)

Analog Solutions label head Eduardo de la Calle teams up with Electropical Record to release four hypnotic techno cuts entitled ‘Nadernimai’.

Across a glittering 18-year production career, under an array
 of aliases, Madrid-based producer, Eduardo de la Calle has worked with many of the most important labels of modern times such as Planet-E Communications, International Deejay Gigolo, TURBO, Hivern Discs, Mule Musiq, Semantica, Nonplus, Mental Groove, Non Series, Orbe – as well as fathering his own vinyl-only imprint Analog Solutions. Equally capable of composing lush, languid soundscapes, exotic house, sci-fi Jazz and why not, brutal big room assaults, De la Calle is a truly multi-faceted artist who now joins the Electropical Record roster following the likes of Pølser, Smith & King, Robben, Luca Morris and many more.

‘Aitareya’ kicks off proceedings with alluring, bleepy modulations, deep riding kicks that entice you even more and eerie synth tones that revolve throughout while ‘Mukita’ offers up a raw, lo-fi techno jam featuring tension building leads undulating with the sharp percussion that grows in energy and effervescent, oscillating stabs.

Orbiting melodies, warm bass shimmers and hypnotic vibrations take the focus in ‘Kena’ before ‘Stotra’ finishes things off with euphoric pads that rise in the distance and balance harmoniously with the squelchy zips and zaps and dub-tinged experiments throughout this hypnotizing seven minute journey.


Tracklist: Eduardo de la Calle – Nadernimai (Electropical Record, 032)

01. Aitareya
02. Muktika
03. Kena
04. Stotra

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