ISF Radio Podcast #028 w/ Nick Daniels (Southeast Asia Special: Vietnam)

Nick Daniels is an aspiring DJ from South Africa who started his DJ journey back in 2013. His sets comprise of very melodic deep house sounds to hard whipping energetic progressive electronic sounds. You may know him? you may not, but the unflinching fact about this fella is that he actually has been in the scene for some time. Placing his priorities in more of a background status, but still remaining quite relevant when he had to.

It’s actually his mammoth music collection that, makes you realize he is quite the cone-sour of sound. Like a friend we all might know “Tulzy”- Nick is an avid collector of sound and really dissects music, simply because it’s truly his passion!!!

He is the co-founder of Deep Satisfaction which was a brand brought to life the latter “First Thursday Cape Town South Africa” and no one could anticipate the lovely music policy and attentive care to the crowds smiling needs would be so well kept. In true “Nick” fashion, he took the bull by the horns and decided to close the party his “Damn-self”.

Now resident in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam he is becoming established as a DJ here, playing a variety of Electronic styles and getting the party moving, welcome onboard!


Tracklist: ISF Radio Podcast #028 w/ Nick DanielsSoutheastAsia #Special #Vietnam

1. Bit Culprit – Love and Other Demons(Original Mix)
2. Aaaron – Amaru(Original Mix)
3. Acado & Modest Crow – Matoke(Original Mix)
4. Ackermann feat Violet – Harm(Original Mix)
5. Airbas – Haunted(Talal Remix)
6. Kelvin Lucas – Sparta(Original Mix)
7. JMX – All Night Long(Orginal Mix)
8. Gregory Porter – Feeling Good(Definition Remix)
9. Fat Sushi – Timeless(Mees Salome Remix)
10. John Monkman – Warp(Original Mix)
11. Kamilo Sanclemente & Dabeat – Your Smile is Priceless(Enamour Remix)
12. Kardon – Racing the Moon(Original Mix)
13. Made by Pete & Hilton Caswell – Remember(Tim Engelhardt Remix)
14. Pen Perry – Aus Liebe Zur Musik(Original Mix)
15. Road to Mana – Your World(Oliver Schories Remix)
16. Sanio & Zarth – Máquina feat. Deborah Evelyn (Original Mix)

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