Droughtwerk – Glare EP (Droughtwerk, DWK003)

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Droughtwerk – Glare EP (Droughtwerk, WK003)

Berlin-based Droughtwerk has developed a timeless approach to music, focusing on fully analog productions and incorporating a range of genres from dub techno to deep melodic and powerful percussive grooves.

The third release of the Droughtwerk DWK series opens with a rough, fast, har- monious sound that sets the tone for the rest of the record. Following on from the successful release of his hard-hitting industrial EP ‘Exit Burdock’, this record leads you on a smokestack odyssey into neverending raw techno realms and re- flects the development of the artists’ mindset during the global pandemic as the darkness was slowly irradiated and light seeped in. The album cover photo is of a brick manufacturer ruin which symbolises the records’ message, depicting light exuding through the windows.

‘Sombre’ opens the EP on a mournful note, representative of the frantic fear and sorrow that loomed at this stage of the global chaos. A despondent hazy base- line expands into a flurry of off-beat celestial echoes and we are guided into a new timbre with pummeling base drums. ‘Disintegrate’ mimics the sense of im- pending doom that ensued as structures began to dissolve, clubs were closed, and no help was on the horizon. The track introduces a more unyielding tone, as nerves are piqued and the heavy percussions take centrefold with lively stripped- back melodies hovering above. Layers of celebratory drums frolic with one ano- ther in ‘Vivid’ as the artist finds joy in the creation of music and raunchy melodies fight for attention in a dancefloor faceoff creating the perfect sharpshooting hit. ‘Glare’ rounds the EP off with gut-wrenching techno soundscapes to throw you into the depths of dance-induced euphoria, representing the dazzling light at the end of the tunnel that the artist perceived upon the creation of this track.

‘Glare EP’ injects a new lease of life into the ears of the listener, inspiring a sense of hope as Droughtwerk brings us on a journey from misery to elation with this record that sprung him out of the pandemic darkness. Drawing together a con- coction of hard-hitting techno elements and expansive mechanical sounds, he has successfully created a tension-building record that reminds you of the soul- cleansing powers of music.

Droughtwerk releases ’The Glare EP’ (DWK003) with vinyl distribution being done by Triple Vision Records.

Tracklist: Droughtwerk – Glare EP (Droughtwerk, WK003)

01. Glare
02. Disintegrate
03. Vivid
04. Somber

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