Eros Miguel – Pillow Trax (Case 1) (MODEM:39, MDM39-010) + Interview

Eros Miguel [ ]

Eros Miguel [ ]

Hello Eros, for those who don’t know about you, can you please introduce your project to our readers?

Eros Miguel was created as a Dj-Project over 10 years ago when friends started an open-air series in my hometown Magdeburg. I had the chance to select freely and play everything from disco & house to deep house till techno. And I like all of them.

After a few years, I started producing because I really liked Dj’ing. I always wanted to play my own stuff. In the beginning, I was Influenced by mostly electronic music. So I was trying to produce House/Deep House music, but then I rediscovered E-Guitar/ Bass-Guitar, which led to open up my mind and try to let go of any music genre. At this time, I created some downtempo stuff like ‚Palais des Ames‘ or some so-called electronica tracks like ‚8t‘ and ‚Disquiet‘. Since then, that’s how I try to maintain the way of making music and also developing my thing. So the music ranges from fast to very slow, from almost hard to soft, from top to bottom and barely leaving space to put it in a box.

 Can you talk to us about your Pillow Tracks No. 1 EP release?

I created PillowTrax at the end of wintertime with only a few emotional highs but deep lows. At this time, I was listening to a lot of beat-music when lying in my bed. So out of the darkness, I started doing beat stuff, which was strongly influenced by my former emotional state but basically just been powered by and developed for dreaming. This melancholic vibe swings through the whole EP and combines floating synth-sounds and echoing guitars carried by smooth beats. I am especially pleased about the cooperation with also born and raised in Magdeburg

friend Trik17, creating his compassionate lyrics in ‚Willst du mit mir schlafen‘. Because of our friendship and connection in the taste of music, I can release PillowTrax on Modem39 and I’m proud to be part of it and getting supported.

 How are you dealing with the current global situation? Has it had any positive impact on your career or personal life? 

 I miss clubbing and concerts, but I like in some sort the reflection on the more essential things in life. For me privately, it’s more an unstable time, and so it affects my musical productivity. But what do I say, PillowTrax is getting released. So it could be worse for me.

Which releases/projects are coming next?

 The next release will be the PillowTrax(Case I) Remix EP also on Modem39 with remixes of friends like Pornbugs, Braunbeck, Florian and the label dudes Marcel Lentges and Lorenz Kraach, which I am glad for. The boys produced some thrilling variations from House till Drum’n’Bass, and it will get released at the end of October. So stay tuned and enjoy all the Pillows!

Thanks Eros!

Eros Miguel [ ]

Eros Miguel [ ]

Our Sunday selection:
Eros Miguel – Pillow Trax (Case 1) (MODEM:39, MDM39-010)

The heat is flickering over the city. The air in the room is dense and full of dreams. Your head on the pillow. Sunlight, smoke and dust are mixing in front of your eyes. Has it been a dream? Or the first clear moment for a while? What‘s left is a feeling.
And the memory of one Moment for eternity.
Starring PillowTracks, Berlin music producer Eros Miguel opens a door to a room where the conscious and unconscious are merging. A place that takes you back to moments that were real – or at least could have been. The 5 Track-EP invites us to discover the feeling of summer days gentle Melancholy. And the question of whether hard times make life worth living.
The pillowtracks were created in an intense period of Eros and shows the vulnerable Face of the electro artist. In ‚Willst du mit mir schlafen‘, Feature-Artist and friend Trik17, based in Magdeburg, lyrically expresses the emotion of the music. Therein, the Rapper verbalizes his personal interpretation of pillow tracks.
The gentle but intense vibe of the EP is a creative transformation of a painful period and at the same time full of ease: Non e niente. It‘s nothing.

Tracklist: Eros Miguel – Pillow Trax (Case 1) (MODEM:39, MDM39-010)

01. Upright
02. Time
03. Non E Niente
04. Cool Sway
05. Willst Du Mit Mir Schlafen feat. Trik17

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