ISF Radio Podcast #025 w/ Marco Mei (Southeast Asia Special: Vietnam)

Welcome back friends,
Itsoundsfuture radio is back online.

We took a break because of other projects, and than I went for 8 weeks to Asia …
man, ASIA, freakin’ hell …
2 months, 5 countries, 24.200 flight kilometers, 200 sea miles, +200 contacts – I can tell you, that was a fun RIDE.

Since I met so many people, I am excited to announce this very first SEA special podcast tonight,starting with my favourite city of this whole trip: Saigon in Vietnam.

Saigon or nowadays Ho Chi Minh City has a colourful, glitzy yet underground and non-stopping nightlife, beautiful people in stunning beautiful locations, and just an amazing and collaborating party scene, something which I miss sometimes here in Berlin – talking about Berlin, Saigon is Berlin of Southeast Asia for me.

Without further do, we jump right in the mix of Marco Mei, with whom I played a night in the Arcan club in Saigon.

Enjoy fellas!


Tracklist: ISF Radio Podcast #025 w/ Marco Mei (Southeast Asia Special: Vietnam)

not this time …

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