AKME – Footprints EP (Maq The Dog, MTD004)

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AKME – Footprints EP (Maq The Dog, MTD004)

AKME aka Maciej Kochański is a Warsaw based DJ and idm / minimal / dub techno producer. Succesfully cooperates with many labels, as Resopal Schallwa- re [DE], Numbolic [CH], Otake Records [PL] and others. Resident of one of the most renowned clubs in Poland – THC Luzztro and Nowa Jerozolima.

Present on Polish stage since 1995 – his adventure started in iconic warsaw clubs like Blue Velvet, Trend, Grota and Lokomotywa – places where Polish club scene began. Most notably playing long techno sets in underground clubs and big festivals. Played and cooperated with many great international DJs and producers. In 2012 started his cooperation with the German Resopal label and established himself as a talented producer. AKME is a part of two long term music
projects – MY 2ND WIFE and AKME x B333.

Sparkling Structures will take you to the wild Helena‘s Island on polish beautiful Dobskie lake. Between 3 and 4 a.m… You can hear a campfire and sounds of sailing ropes singing with a night wind. Rosa means a dew in polish. A morning dew from a meadows around a Vistula river. Secret Life is a secret life of a spider‘s king, from deep forest in Kashubia. Take your memories, leave only footprints. Wherever you will go…

Tracklist: AKME – Footprints EP (Maq The Dog, MTD004)

01. AKME – Sparkling Structures
02. AKME – Rosa
03. AKME – Rosa (Ludowick Remix)
04. AKME – Secret Life
05. AKME – Secret Life (FiODOR0FF Remix)

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