How far is Farr? Farr Festival 2016 Retrospective

The Farr festival crowd was edgy yet friendly, and did indeed love to dance. The music at the festival was intense, all Funktion One soundsystems which vibrate the dirt nicely, and make the woods a really great and warm atmosphere. The décor was fun too.

I liked the energy of Chris Barrance in the tent stage on Saturday, he was having a great time with his records, it is always fun to see the DJ dancing in the mix. Aidan Doherty kept us dancing for two hours at the Terrace stage with some moody and beautiful electronica.

[the view from inside the terrace stage]
© Photography by Jake Davis for Here & Now (

© Photography by Jake Davis for Here & Now (

One of the highlights for me was stumbling onto the ‘how to start a record label’ panel discussion, where I spoke with the label manager of Exit Records. Starting a successful record label cannot be easy these days with the state of the music industry. The demand for vinyl has risen, since a lot the good DJs play with this medium again. For sure  it is also more entertaining and challenging for the DJs to make a great mix using vinyl. As a composer, I can say that it is one of my aspirations to one day be a real vinyl DJ.

There was a lot of tech house and disco though, there could have used to been some more variety for 5 different stages.

I thought it was really funny when some crazy heads decided to rearrange the festival letters, that were set up like Hollywood style saying “BACK TO THE WOODS” and it had been changed to “BOAT HOES”. . . and other interesting phrases.

Peaktime: Helena Hauff.

I actually was offered to sit on the shoulders of one tall curly-haired gentleman, just so I could catch a glimpse of Helena Hauff while she was throwing down the acid sounds at the peak of Saturday night.

© Photography by Jake Davis for Here & Now (

© Photography by Jake Davis for Here & Now (

Kid Drama’s live performance on Friday made this festival for me. The musical colors he highlights within the transitions are remarkable and breathtaking. He just released a new EP with Exit Records, ‘Covering Ground.’

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