ISF Radio Podcast #024 w/ Halpo

ISF Radio Podcast #024 w/ Halpo

Hartojo: Itsoundsfuture radio is back with episode number 24, welcome friends.
Summer is still going on and Berlin continues to be awesome, I just love the city in this season.

We enjoy life and are preparing new projects, in the next podcasts we will reveal what’s going on …

In the next hour you will listen to Halpo, and he will play a really great selection of tracks, it’s a vinyl only mix with contempory house music from his area Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Hi, this is Halpo from Toronto, Canada.

On this vinyl mix you’ll hear some classic house, rolling rhythms, dub techno, and a couple acapellas, cuz why not?

The next hour of music features newer records from some of my favourite Canadian artists, including Gene Tellem and Ex-Terrestrial from Montreal, Korea Town Acid and Maxwell Church from Toronto, and D Tiffany and Minimal Violence from Vancouver.

You can catch me opening for Dane of @CommonEdit at 618 in Toronto on Friday July 27, hosted by Sergio SP.

Hope you enjoy the mix!


Tracklist: ISF Radio Podcast #024 w/ Halpo

01. Jeremy Meeks – Nu Korea
02. K-Alexi – Don’t Cha Want It? (K-Alexi Warehouse Mix)
03. Dudes on Synths – Sequential PM
04. K. Hand – Untitled (Project 5 EP)
05. Timothee Milton – Your Choices
06. Project Pablo – In the Locale
07. Trick Daddy feat. The SNS Express – Take It To Da House (Acapella)
08. BJ Crosby – Find Your Way (Monkey House Mix)
09. Mr. G – P Bar Jam
10. Mariah Carey – Dreamlover (USA Love Dub)
11. Mr. G – One for the Headz
12. Brandy – The Ritual (Chateau Flight Remix)
13. It’s Thinking – Afterglow
14. Sage Carswell – You Can Waste My Time
15. Maxwell Church – Faxnews
16. Gene Tellem – Soul of Man
17. Ex-Terrestrial – Vanilight (Prior Rezone)
18. D Tiffany – Something About You
19. Minimal Violence – Crete is Calling
20. Anthony Naples – POT, Side B
21. Korea Town Acid – Zoom Lab

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