Coast2c – Vault (Gestef Records, GR01)

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Coast2c – Vault (Gestef Records, GR01)

Vault is the debut EP of Mexican sound artist Sofia Acosta aka Coast2c. It was produ- ced by Coast2c between 2019 and 2020 in her recording studio in Portland, Oregon. The EP is an exploration of synthesis and different sources of sounds inspired by the
curiosity to experiment modulation and recording in different forms.

Vault starts with an hypnotic acid drone piece with “Bones”, a one-take live recording of several different synths, followed by “Time is Not Linear”, an exploration of loops created by the evocative sound of modular synthesizers. “Cornelius” plays with tex- tures, samples and noise. The EP ends with the title track “Vault”, which layers live acid sounds on top of the legendary Linndrum.

“I wrote this E.P between 2019 and 2020. It is an archive of my learning process on how to record with hardware and analog gear. In the past couple of years, my in- terest has shifted from actively DJing to producing music. In 2018 I dived into lear- ning hardware and modular synthesis and I was able to record a lot of material. This year (and under the world circumstances with no chances to perform live or DJ) I focused my practice on translating and expanding those sounds into songs, spending my time largely on learning how to use a DAW and different recording and arranging techniques. Vault EP is a chronicle of all those explorations.

Tracklist: Coast2c – Vault (Gestef Records, GR01)

01. Bones
02. Time Is Not Linear
03. Cornelius
04. Vault

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