ISF Radio Podcast #015 w/ Michael Bründel

OH MY GOD, HARTOJO – what the hell is going on? Am I in the wrong movie or what?

Hello friends, don’t you worry, you are just in the right place, Itsoundsfuture Radio Podcast #015, presenting my good friend, Michael Bründel.

We just simply love this intro so much, that we couldn’t change this beautiful piece of art.

And it’s Friday Friends, porn party time … talking about party, this Sunday I am back behind the decks – broken collarbone? My ass! This time Mon Groove and me will play the opening of our first show of the 5 years Lauter Unfug Anniversary tour … in our ususal spot and beloved club, the Suicide Circus.
And of course, the rest of the gang, will fly in too: Beatamines, Circle of Life, Matchy & Bott(Matchy), Mathias Treinen and Analogue Audio Boss Dominik Vaillant.

So what’s going on in the itsoundsfuture world? Like 2018 is going to be a huge year for our label FHLR Musik, it looks like itsoundsfuture can compete pretty much with this expectation.
First of all, we are planing to go to the Afrikaburn again, and it will be the third time in a row for us. We are super gratful that this is very, very likely to happen, and to express our gratitude we will do a South Africa Special in March, where the whole month we only have artists coming from this country.

Also in March our first intern arrives, Daniel from Hamburg. Since the Label work is getting more and more and demands a great amount of attention, we are happy that he will help us in getting back to our old standard with great new stories. I will be back in time for the Superbooth Berlin on 3rd of May and Daniel and me will go there together, so see you there.

We are all excited about 2018, so we are more than delighted to drop music porn atom bombs at you, so say hello Michael:


Michael Bründel:
Hey,  I’m Michael Bründel, and you’re hearing a live recording of the set I played at the 03.02.2018 in Berlin at the Bründel Bondage Ball. This is a private Fetish-Party which I host every second month at my flat, it’s a free space with wonderfull people full of love, where everything my happen, if you like… 😉 From time to time I play Wednesdays at Kit Kat Club, or other locations. You can just ask me if you would like me to play on your party.


Tracklist ISF Radio Podcast #015 w/ Michael Bründel:

secret 😉



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