One Track Brain – APE EP (OTB Records, OTB014)

Our Tuesday selection: One Track Brain – APE EP (OTB Records, OTB014)

This EP is inspired by one specific scene from Stanley Kubrick’s cult movie “2001 Space Odyssey”. The one where the monolith appears among a bunch of apes: The Dawn of Man.

One Track Brain: “Nightlife and partying and dancing has to do with letting go. With losing yourself in the moment and going back to the basic knowledge of the body. And sometimes it even brings out the ape in us (laughs). Letting go of your inhibitions and allowing yourself to feel more raw emotions and naive togetherness. Just like that basic feeling of bewilderment and excitement when the apes see that monolith. So in that way, bring out the APE!“

The title track “APE” comes with a remix by Heiko Laux. A nicely refined and flowing version, keeping the elements recognizable but taking them to a new territory and making them fit for a different bag.

No Sleep is a dry, dirty, modular and tweaky peak time affair. It comes with an additional vocal because OGENN happened to walk into the studio at one point. We included the version without the vocal for those who like it dry as fuck.

Can I See You? also emerged from a modular jam, but is more vibey and building, when all of a sudden out of this world sounds grab you by the throat.

Tracklist: One Track Brain – APE EP (OTB Records, OTB014)

01. APE
02. APE (Heiko Laux Remix)
03. No Sleep feat. OGENN
04. No Sleep (Dub version)
05. Can I See You?

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Listen on: Spotify

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