ISF Radio Podcast #014 w/ Jan Ehret

Hello and welcome back, itsoundsfuture radio n° 14, this time live form the Kitkat Club here in Berlin.

As we anncouned it on the FHLR Musik podcast, Fehler Music is merging together with Lauter Unfug from Luxembourg.

“But the biggest news are still to come: Fehler Musik and Lauter Unfug from Luxembuorg are fusing together. Yes, you heard it right, we are merging together with Lauter Unfug, a big house and tech house label which has been around for almost 5 years, with artists like Beatamines, Circle of Life, Matchy & Bott, Aki Bergen & Richter just to name a few.

We are super happy being supported and selected by these guys, and so we are part of the 5 years Lauter Unfug tour in 2018, which will spread over whole Europe on about 15 gigs. Big time fellas …”

Coming just in the right moment, FHLR Musik is part of the 5 year anniversary tour, and this are our first three stops:

Sunday, 11th of February, Suicide Circus in Berlin
Friday, 23th of March, MS Stubnitz in Hamburg
Saturday 21th of April, Mischwerk in Regensburg

There is plenty of more news, but I want to stick this time just to the most important stuff, checkout our website for the things to come.

Back to the music, this time we recorded my friend Jan Ehret at his show in the Kitkat Club, where I dropped the field recorder just seconds before he started with his set … haven’t seen such a long queue in front of the club for quite some time – massive party!


Jan Ehret:
Hallo, my name is Jan Ehret, I am berlin based artist.
In April I release my EP on Idee Deluxe Records, I produced it with wonderful Sinan Mercenk.
Today you hear my set, recorded last Saturday at KItKat Club where I am resident DJ.
Check my Show PRIMA LEBEN TV on youtube, its about club culture and Art.
But now have fun with my Dj set see you soon chiao



You can follow Jan Ehret here:


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