ISF Radio Podcast #006 w/ PMX SOUNDZ

Hey guys, welcome to the 6th episode of the itsoundsfuture Radio podcast, with me, Hartojo.

On Thursday we met the newest member of the Fehler family, Mohabitat from Italy.
They played a show at Madame Claude which is pretty close to our headquarter.
Mohabitat are an audiovisual duo from Prato, and we are happy to have them on board.

Now we move from Italy to France, because today’s guest is PMX Soundz.
He moved to Berlin in 2011 and has become an integral part of the music scene here,
being an Ostfunk resident since 2013.
Therefore you can catch him this Friday at the 14 Jahre Ostfunk birthday party in the old Magdalena, which is now Yaam, or better to say early Saturday, because his playtime will be 6 – 8 in the morning.

FB Page:


Alright Max, what else can you tell us?


Hi Guyz, I am PMX SoundZ, French producer/DJ from Berlin. I am working there with a few labels and played and closed in many many clubs here in Berlin as in France, rest of Germany, Luxembourg or Spain: some of the famous, some of the most underground as the smallest and newest ones.
I am in the music since now 20 years, and I think that the most important thing in the music is the passion, the integrity and the creativity. The way you are able to break the codes reveals your talent and your soul.
After having released on among 20 labels, I created mine which is called [e.s.o.t.e.r.i.c]* since 2016, to permit other artists to share their work on a specific artistic line.

I wish you a good listening.

Enjoy the set!

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Follow [e.s.o.t.e.r.i.c]*, the label of PMX SoundZ, on all social media:
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