Berlin Series: The Apple Guy

Jamaica Suk, which I interviewed for ISF recently, gave me the recommendation for The Apple Guy (the graphics card of my iMac melted while rendering). Since I worked for Gravis, I knew what was about to come up concerning fixing an Apple computer.
What I did not know:

The Apple Guy is completely different.
Absolute recommendation:
THE shop when it comes to Apple and fixing electronic devices!

Immediately while entering Doron La Triqs shop you get the feeling of easing and coziness, even though it had hit me at the worst possible moment: I did not fix the graphics card problem of the iMac, so I had to run the whole music production on the backup system, the MacBook Air. While working on the mixdown for the FHLR 002 release, the MagSafe port died – an economic total loss, since it’s no longer possible to charge the laptop. And replaceable batteries are long gone with Apple.

After explaining my problem, I could take a seat and got an espresso served … very pleasant start here. While enjoying the coffee, I could watch these guys doing their work. Something which I also never experienced somewhere else. Transparency is the new black. Reminded me on these open cuisine where you can see how your meal is prepared.

It took a while till the problem was fixed because another ribbon cable was damaged. But after 1,5 hours my computer was working again. I could instantly continue to work and would not has to wait like two days to be surprised by a horrific price. I checked the prices of components in the net and as I said knew about service fees of Apple. So I was overly amazed what I was charged at The Apple Guy …

Doron is an artist himself, therefore he has a heart for such. Seriously. That’s why all his employees are musicians or related to the music scene. And finally I understood why Jamaica recommended The Apple Guy to me. He is one of us. A musician who “produces bad music” as he told me with a wink. 😉

And it doesn’t end with Apple computer. You can also give it a try to fix your music equipment (see pictures, Native Instruments S2). That is very soothing for me as for everyone with a music studio and a lot of gear – and here you can also watch it being repaired if you have the time.

Another advantage: many checked spare parts are in stock and did not have to a) be bought as new and b) be ordered which saves time and money. And your ecological footprint will be reduced a lot! Doron also offers to try to repair you damaged power charger (cable), which would result into 25€ + VAT instead of buying a new one for 90€. Awesome.

The sum of the great experience led me to write this article: I was never satisfied after a repair like this, and never experienced such a service in the smallest amount of time. These people are rare in our “corporate culture” nowadays, and we have to support them and put them into the spotlight.

The Apple Guy = The Good Guy.

Find and follow the Apple Guy here.
Aside from offers you also get information about OSX in conjunction with music production.

The Apple Guy auf Facebook
The Apple Guy Webseite


Oh, in good old Apple tradition there is one more thing (…of course):

Troubleshooting is for free!


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