Blush Response – Reconstitution (Megastructure_, MS005)

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Blush Response – Reconstitution (Megastructure_, MS005)

Blush Response presents his latest album: RECONSTITUTION. A forward so- nic exploration by Berlin based Cuban-American producer and sound designer Joey Blush.

Reconstitution is the first of two albums written during the pandemic. The album is a sequel to 2016‘s Reshaper, and it represents another departure in sonic texture for Blush. The seven track selection flows smoothly into the depths of direct-driving future industrial mechanics. Near breakcore speed beats morph into acidic ambient techno anthemics, shifting seamlessly through styles while retaining Blush‘s signa- ture and ever evolving sound design. Prepare your minds for sonic blastoff.

Tracklist: Blush Response – Reconstitution (Megastructure_, MS005)

01. Flow My Tears
02. New Ways to Pray
03. Psyker
04. In the Undercurrent
05. Reconstitution
06. Spiritual Bypass
07. Ereshkigal

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