[ISF PREMIERE] Aspard – I Think We’ve Met (Amsterdam’s Finest, Flemcy Music)

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Aspard – I Think We’ve Met (Amsterdam’s Finest, Flemcy Music)

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Release Date: 11th October 2019

Press release:
As the excitement of hitting Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2019 this Autumn draws in closer by the day, Flemcy Music is poised and ready to celebrate the diversity of new and exciting progressive sounds emerging from the inspirations of boundary breaking artists at the edge of electronic music discovery.

‘Amsterdam’s Finest’ is a compilation of vastly creative, progressive visions from deep within the musical minds of their fledgling and veteran creators. Relax, unwind and watch the world float by as if stretching back and facing the stars aboard your peaceful canal house in the heart of Holland’s famous, water embellished city.

To evoke profoundly emotional feelings through music which conjure a sense of real experience is something quite remarkable. Here, amongst ‘Amsterdam’s Finest’, we see beautiful architecture and we smell authenticity in the fresh air as we absorb the vibrancy of a city alive with imagination and bold originality.

It’s time to escape, lift your spirits to new heights and surround yourself with unforgettable arpeggios, powerful crescendos, euphoric echoes and industrial undertones all cleverly held together by the genius of each of these superb, new additions to the Flemcy Music artist roster.

Explore true freedom of progressive expression with ‘Amsterdam’s Finest’ and take a little piece of the city with you as you expand your mind and heart across its magnificent and enchanting landscape. ADE here we come…

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