Alexander Church – Configurations 13 (Configurations of Self, Configs013)

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Alexander Church – Configurations 13 (Configurations of Self, Configs013)

Electronic music innovator Alex Church returns with a 13th transmission on his excellent Configurations of Self label, this time enlisting Gai Barrone for remix duties.

Church has continued to put out invigorating and left of centre sounds throughout the last year. He has been active since the mid-nineties but has never been in finer form than with this latest label which has seen him explore everything from melodic soundscapes to industrial techno under a range of aliases. He is a deep thinker who manages to lay out a narrative in his music and does that once more here.

Stunning opener ‘Central Coherence’ is a majestic piece of melodic techno with elegant synth craft and Detroit styled grooves that take you into the future. Stepping up to remix is Gai Barone, an Italian who has rightfully earned his place amongst leading figures in the house and techno world thanks to releases on the likes of Afterglow Deep, Navigation Records and Hope Recordings. His version is a fantastic slow burner that sweeps you off your feet. Angelic vocal touches add real soul to the sweeping pads, ever present sense of rising tension and mellifluous melodies that bath you in lush sound.

Church then offers up ‘Combinatory Thought’, another richly layered, emotionally dense track that has crystalline pads and warm synth lines, crunchy hits and driving drums all making for a superbly cosmic and ethereal atmosphere. Gai Barone’s immersive remix is cast free from the dance floor, with brilliant ambient sound design and heart breaking piano ringing out into a dark night.

These are four more classy and timeless techno tracks from two of the best in the game.

Tracklist: Alexander Church – Configurations 13 (Configurations of Self, Configs013)

01. Central Coherence
02. Central Coherence (Gai Barone Remix)
03. Combinatory Thought
04. Combinatory Thought (Gai Barone Remix)

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