Berlin to Bangkok

After three life-changing months, I am coming back to my routine.
And at the same time jumping out of it.

For the next three months, I am mainly working and blogging out of Bangkok. The office is becoming more and more complete, and I am very grateful that I am surrounded by nature and peace up north here in Nonthaburi.



Downtown Bangkok would be too much noise, pollution, distraction and: temptation!

After 15 years of Berlin, I might handle temptation in a very mature way … but still, coming to a new environment fills me with excitement and a greedy thirst for adventure. If you cut the noise and pollution, Bangkok is truly an exciting location providing beautiful places and interesting people from all walks of life.

This office facilitates the completion of the electronic music underground documentation about Thailand and also the final chapter of the Vietnamese one. In good old tradition, life is ever-throwing challenges (when I was creating the Vietnam documentation, the iMac gfx card broke three times), and on my second workday here, the laptop didn’t start up anymore. I thought I was prepared when I got that new battery in Germany months before, but no response from the computer after changing it.

In case of Apple laptops, that’s a Logicboard error.
Equals FATAL ERROR. Meaning an economical total loss.

Yes, why not? Just a couple of days in advance to the premiere of the documentation.
Just loving it. Goddammit.

But Asian countries are a bliss when it comes to technology, wheater it’s new or broken. Shoutout to All Printer Service located at the 4th floor of the Pantip Plaza / IT Mall, who managed to repair the board within a couple of hours for a very reasonable price.
You made this mission continue.

So I’ll continue and finish the job within the next days, and I am happy that I have some last-minute edits getting more music scene personalities sliding into the documentation on that last call.


Watch this space, we are premiering soon on our YouTube channel – it is already looking excitedly around the corner.

And in the meantime, have a look at the Vietnam trailer



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