Vexillary – The Geneticist Remixes (Blaq Records, BLAQ123)

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Vexillary – The Geneticist Remixes (Blaq Records, BLAQ123)

Looking at the world around us, it’s hard to ignore the significant role of science in our day-to-day existence. But this is nothing new, science has always been in control of the fate of the human condition. Vexillary tackled this idea head-on in ‘The Geneticist’— The closing track of the SurViolence EP.

‘The Geneticist’ was so rich in context and musical raw material that a sequel had to follow. This time, 3 different electronic scientists, Andy Martin, Signal De- luxe, and SPANKTHENUN re-engineered the track like geneticists manipulating genetic code to reach their desired outcomes. Tempos were augmented, beats were mutated, and new basslines were spawned, to unleash a whole new beast ‘The Geneticist’ — Remixes EP.

Tracklist: Vexillary – The Geneticist Remixes (Blaq Records, BLAQ123)

01. The Geneticist (Andy Martin Remix)
02. The Geneticist (SPANKTHENUN Remix)
03. The Geneticist (Signal Deluxe Remix)

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