Zanias – To The Core Remixes (Noiztank, NTK011)

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Zanias with To The Core Remixes on Noiztank, NTK011.

Every cell is telling me, ‘run’…but what would I be to you then? – Zanias’ lyrics

Best remixes happen when the initiative comes from the very own remixer, instead of by commission. This denotes admiration and respect to the original artist, as well as a necessity to provide your own vision to an already consolidated work.

Berghain ́s resident Kobosil delivers strong dancefloor instances blending his unique understanding of the Berliner techno with Zanias’s vocals. Agency is the new solo project of half of Operant band August Skipper. His debut track offers a mature evolution that guides the listener from a percussive beginning till a high pressured synthed end. In case one track is not enough to be remixed, Dax J’s raved version increases the BPMs in a mixture of “Follow The Body” and “In Eternal Return”. The closing track is signed by Unhuman and brings the original EBM atmosphere back to the record.


Tracklist: Zanias – To The Core Remixes (Noiztank, NTK011)

A1 / 1. Follow The Body (Kobosil Remix)
A2 / 2. Follow The Body (Agency ‘Body Exit’ Remix)
B1 / 3. Follow The Body In Eternal Return (Dax J Remix)
B2 / 4. To The Core (Unhuman Remix)

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