Truant.J – TRUANT002 [Truant, at. No. TRUANT002]

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Truant.J – TRUANT002 [Truant, at. No. TRUANT002]

Truant.J is an avenue for exploration of darker sounds, textures, and emotions. It is aspiring to be the journey between dance floor to the atmospheric and esoteric. The Vancouver, Canada based artist has had a vinyl release with Nur Jaber’s OSF as well as releases on Skryptöm and Coincidence Records and runs the self titled imprint ‘Truant’ supported by Richie Hawtin, Paula Temple and Barker.

The second release on TRUANT.J‘s self titled label serves two purposes.

First, connecting artists from the international Techno scene including British Techno artist JoeFarr and local artists from the Canadian and US West Coast: Krista Bourgeois & The GOAT.

Second, providing an outlet for engaging a narrative of pandemic frustration as an overtone to the ever present burdens people experience of day to day life.

Tracklist: Truant.J – TRUANT002 [Truant, at. No. TRUANT002]

01. Wicked Fervor
02. Wicked Fervor (JoeFarr Remix)
03. Wicked Fervor (Krista Bourgeois Remix)
04. Wicked Fervor (The GOAT Remix)
05. Sun After The Storm

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