Tenzella – Hard Grind EP [Hardgroove, HARDGROOVE017]

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Tenzella – Hard Grind EP [Hardgroove, HARDGROOVE017]

Liverpool’s Tenzella steps up for his debut appearance on Ben Sims’ Hardgroove in November with the six-track ‘Hard Grind’ EP.

While the rhythmic intensity of the tracks on ‘Hard Grind EP’ are as drivingly present throughout, each track on the EP brings a pleasingly distinct direction. From the ‘proper’ bassline of the vocal sample-licked opening title track through to the immense fun(k) of Jazz infused ‘Jazz Tool’, Tenzella draws on a broad palette of sounds.

The shuffled, kick-heavy punch of the aptly titled ‘The Mule’ contrasts the hypnotic, heads-down collaboration with Ecilo, ‘Dobermann’, whilst the frenetic, organ-punctuated ‘Discostupid’ balances the more minimalist aesthetics of ‘Rosa’.

Tracklist: Tenzella – Hard Grind EP [Hardgroove, HARDGROOVE017]

01. Tenzella – Hard Grind
02. Tenzella – The Mule
03. Tenzella & Ecilo – Dobermann
04. Tenzella – Discostupid
05. Tenzella – Rosa
06. Tenzella – Jazz Tool

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