Superbooth16 retrospective

We now have received the official figures, a total of over 3,000 visitors have found their way to Berlin into the Funkhaus. These were great days, absolutely brilliant, in all areas! But read for yourself …

We had deliberately chosen to go on Friday, the 2nd day of the fair. And we should also be right with this decision. According to reports, there was a overwhelming rush on the first day of the fair, which should speak for the success and the skill of Andreas Schneider to bring the right people and companies on board.

We also wanted on board, in fact that of the 9:30 ferry that took off on time. As being a Berliner, you are used to the always late on time trains, so we missed the boat promptly. But fortunately, we know the east of the city very well. By tram 21 from the Frankfurter Tor went quickly to Nalepastr. 18. The location is right beside the old Club Rechenzentrum where 2009 pretty good parties were held, among others the Beat Street, an intense party series which died over the years.

The Funkhaus Ost is an impressive architectural complex, and at first you had to wander around it, until you got to the block B and the entrance. But the trip was worth it. The marble floor in the foyer and the tall pillars let you imagine what a historic place it had once been. In its heyday in the 1970s about 5000 employees worked here.

The Super Booth crew was immediately recognized by the beige coats, presumably the traditional working clothing from the early days of the broadcasting house. All these details made you feel the charm of the East of the 50s / 60s which put you  pleasantly into the past; a nice contrast to the future of music creation and music design which was displayed here.

Over the next two days there was plenty to see and to try out, just look at the photos, as usual pictures are far more expressive than words.

Superbooth16 Photos

Superbooth16 Photos

There was so much to discover, but our personal highlight was the Moog Booth, or better called “Moog Island”. Dim lights, cosy and warm colors, Zen-inspired living room atmosphere and a carpet that flattered your stricken feets  … of course we also relaxed and perched in front of the latest or vintage Moog. Actually each music fair needs as a place where the eyes and the ears can relax for a while – everyone can be loud on such an event.

In the late afternoon we treated ourselves with something to eat in the courtyard, the bright sunshine and springlike weather invited everybody to spend a few minutes here or on the nearby river Spree. All the good things simply came together this weekend.

At the end of the ‘Hörnchen hallway’ was a spiral staircase which led in turn to the Absinthbar. You could not buy the drinks with money. Only with vouchers. From Andreas face to face. Another pleasant way to get into conversation with him and find out who he is.

Also the beer at the large bar was just € 2.50, very berlin-like. We however, have fallen for the white wine, which exerted a strong addiction on us.

So we went on into the evening program in a very good mood, where 2 roundtables with very illustrious guests were waiting for us. Here are some of the participants: Stephan Schmitt (Native Instruments), Robert Henke (Ableton), Richie Hawtin (Minus Records, Enter.), Roger Linn (Roger Linn Design), Julian Parker (Native Instruments), Peter Kirn (Create Digital Music) Tony Rolando (Make Noise), Andreas Gerth (Loopspool, Driftmachine), Andreas Schneider (SchneidersLaden, SchneidersBüro), Daniel Miller (Mute Records founder). Between the talks, there was a small live performance by Mr. Hawtin, that large broadcasting hall made it an audible three-star menu.

We left out the parties this time (to be on time for Day two), but reportedly they stood the event in every way.

The Super Booth will also be held in 2017, that is the result of the press conference.
In short, we are looking forward to it in heavy excitement.

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