Mooz – Number Ten (Hidden Suite, HDDNST010)

Pick of the weekend: Mooz – Number Ten (Hidden Suite, HDDNST010)

Afer starting Hidden Suite Records in September of last year, seasoned producer Mooz introduces his latest release on the label. Number Ten exempli es the producer’s vibrant dance oor techno.

“What If” starts off with a grounded earthy theme and fast-paced percussion that grooves continuously to the mellow end.

“Split” introduces a space-age theme with celestial synths and ethereal ornamentation.

“Desert” follows suit with similar other-worldly sounds that transform into a hard-edged climax.

Rounding off the EP is a remix of the nal track by Swedish producer Patrik Skoog, lending a harsher noisier edge to “Desert”. Together, the four tracks of Number Ten compose an upbeat collection of
banging techno.

Out now.

Tracklist: Mooz – Number Ten (Hidden Suite, HDDNST010)

01. What If
02. Split
03. Desert
04. Desert (Patrik Skoog Remix)

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