Stereo_IMG – Matière Obscure EP (NON008)

Pick of the week: Stereo_IMG with Matière Obscure EP (NON008).

Canadian producer and live act Stereo_IMG readies a concept four track release entitled ‘Matière Obscure’ for Montreal’s North of Nowhere Records this March.

Real name Patrick Haggart, Stereo_IMG is a core member of North of Nowhere’s roster having released an eclectic range of material on the label. ‘Matière Obscure EP’ is the first in a two-part series, whereby each composition was made using only recordings from one specific material. The process involved taking everyday objects and making them resonate in every way possible, such as striking them with mallets or using a violin bow, and building up a sample library.

‘Weld (Metal_01)’ kicks off the release with its syncopated percussion and gritty groove before moving into the cavernous ‘Molten (Glass_01)’ that’s composed of rolling drums and sinister atmospherics. ‘Carve (Wood_01)’ is a lot bouncier by comparison, with its fidgeting bassline and murky tones until the menacing ‘Cast (Glass_02)’ concludes the package with machine inspired effects and a cacophony of stabs.

Stereo_IMG ‘Matière Obscure EP’ drops on North of Nowhere Records on 29th March 2018.


A1. Weld (Metal_01)
A2. Molten (Glass_01)
B1. Carve (Wood_01)
B2. Cast (Glass_02)

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