Premiere – Moog Conspiracy, Theo Komp – Dark Side of The Light (Constant Repetitive Rhythm, Elektrotribe Records)

Moog Conspiracy, Theo Komp – Dark Side of The Light (Constant Repetitive Rhythm, Elektrotribe Records)

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Press release:
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Press release:

Artist : Moog Conspiracy
Title: Constant Repetitive Rhythm
Format: LP, Album
Label: Elektrotribe Records
Cat N°: EKT000137
Release date: 14.05.2021

Moog Conspiracy finally reveals his new Album expected for May 2021. We had to wait for 5 years for the follower of Pulse! The new opus named Constant Repetitive Rhythm plunges the listeners in a one hour trip in the universe of techno and neighbouring satellites that have crossed the path of Romain Favre musical taste and creations. The 10 songs are a reflection of Moog Conspiracy’s musical journey since the release of Pulse. Taking off in the ambient experimental station, to pass by hypnotic pieces with a lot of space and reverbs to chameleon-like songs like “”Palette””, “”Constant Repetitive Rythm”” or “”Try harder”” featuring the Chicago legend Robert Owens, to 80s inspired wave music in Slave To The Rave . The album peaks with Dark Side of the Light a collaboration written with Theo Komp, that combines high bpm club vibe and song format for moments of extasy. Constant Repetitive Rhythm is following the idea of a creation of a state of trance through the infinite repetition of rhythms & melodies, it attempts to bring the experience of trance, letting go, and living the moment to the listeners. Turn it on and discover what it means to you. Enjoy this new album! Moog Conspiracy is the techno alias of Romain Favre the owner of Elektrotribe records. Moog Conspiracy has released 3 studio albums, numerous Eps & remixes and has toured in Europe, USA, South & Central America & Asia. You can find him in Berlin behind the decks of the infamous Sisyphos club.

1. Moog Conspiracy – Introduction
2. Moog Conspiracy – Palette
3. Moog Conspiracy – Slave to the Rave
4. Moog Conspiracy – Constant Repetitive Rhythm
5. Moog Conspiracy – Wizard
6. Moog Conspiracy – Passage
7. Moog Conspiracy, Theo Komp – Dark Side Of The Light
8. Moog Conspiracy – Tristesse
9. Moog Conspiracy – Mutants
10. Moog Conspiracy, Robert Owens – Try Harder


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