Andre Salata – Free Fly EP (Nin92wo Records, Nin060)

Pick of the weekend: Andre Salata – Free Fly EP (Nin92wo Records, Nin060)

Vital Brazilian techno label Nin92wo continues to lead from the front with a brand new offering from techno mainstay Andre Salata

Salata is a multi-talented individual making an impact across the scene. He’s a globe-trotting DJ, producer on labels like Noir and Get Physical, has collaborated with DJ Pierre and is also a lecturer of electronic music production in a respected College in São Paulo. He is constantly exchanging ideas with his peers and students so remains utterly fresh and inspired in the studio, and this latest EP is testament to that once more.

Opener ‘Free Fly’ is a dark and driving techno powerhouse. It has a knotted bassline that roams free while squelchy percussion and icy hi hats build up into intense layers that lock you in the groove.

The excellent ‘Hideout’ is just as turbocharged, with hunched drums and pulse- like synth stabs bringing to mind a turbulent trip through space. Another elastic bassline brings real dynamism as acid gurgles increase the pressure further.

Last of all ‘Nolinear System’ is a more stripped-back and mysterious techno track with rubbery drum programming and a more eerie atmosphere. Great synth craft adds cinematic detail and ensures this is absorbing from start to finish.

All three cuts here are masterfully constructed for maximum impact.

Tracklist: Andre Salata – Free Fly EP (Nin92wo Records, Nin060)

01. Free Fly
02. Hideout
03. Nolinear System

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