Various Artists – Visions 01 | Cleric (Clergy, CRG020)

Pick of the weekend: Various Artists – Visions 01 | Cleric (Clergy, CRG020)

To celebrate hitting their 20th release, Cleric’s imprint pulls together 23 talents for an essential various artist compilation including tracks from the likes of Rebekah, Cleric, Stef Mendesidis, Remco Beekwilder & Stranger, Endlec, Kwartz, Setaoc Mass, Roman Poncet, Slam and many more.

Clergy has become synonymous with a balance of atmospheric and hard hitting brand of techno ever since 2014. The boss’s own music has been key to that, with carefully curated releases from guests such as Dax J, Kwartz, Reflec and Cleric himself. Helping to make the label an underground favourite. ‘Clergy Visions 01’ sees Cleric invite an array on techno heavyweights to contribute to this compilation that’s mixed by the label boss himself.

Things open up with the bleak ambience and fizzing electric cables of Jokasti & Nek’s ‘Grained’ then Sept’s ‘Artifical’ lays down a tunnelling techno groove that immediately locks you in. The mysterious alias, Reizemann heads off to a cosmic realm with its deep space pads slowly building the momentum throughout the drums. The energy levels then stay high throughout tracks from Roman Poncet, Kwartz and Setaoc Mass, then leading onto the groove of Stef Mendesidis.

Testament to Cleric’s skills as a DJ and sequencer is the fact this journey is constantly evolving while remaining coherent. A mid- section featuring the likes of Endlec, Sleeparchive and EAS keeps you on your toes with perfectly stripped back but hard dynamic drum programming and intense melody work. Remco Beekwilder & Stranger bring a more hard hitting and industrial style before Slam calm the fires once more allowing you to sink into a smooth, elongated roller. It’s left to the dystopian darkness of Rebekah and atmospheric techno brilliance of Lerias to close out this most adventurous mix in real style.

Tracklist: Various Artists – Visions 01 | Cleric (Clergy, CRG020)

01. Aahan – Ours Is The Storm
02. Deapmash – Penta (Cleric Remix)
03. EAS – Elected Pain
04. Endlec – The Trickster
05. HAT-R – I’m Nobody
06. Jokasti & Nek – Grained
07. Kander – Insight
08. Kike Pravda – Curved Force
09. Kontain – Spitting Blood
10. Kwartz – Common Black
11. Leiras – Chromatic Decay
12. Moddullar – Phase Shift
13. Rebekah – Trash Talk
14. Reizemann – Skirmish
15. Remco Beekwilder & Stranger – No Limit
16. Roman Poncet – Traw
17. Sept – Artificial
18. Setaoc Mass – Complete To None
19. Slam – Kanjo
20. Sleeparchive – Celsius
21. Stef Mendesidis – The Secret Agent’s Blunder
22. Tensal – 33
23. Vegim – Rule And Order

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