Rhys Fulber – Resolve (FR Records, FREP01)

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Rhys Fulber – Resolve (FR Records, FREP01)

Whilst working on the follow-up to last year’s highly-regarded Ostalgia album, pro- ducer Rhys Fulber took an ambient detour from the dense soundscapes and harsh rhythms that have characterised his recent solo releases.

This tangent has resulted in the Resolve EP, the debut release on Fulber’s own FR imprint, which shows him revisiting and expanding the sonic palette he has touched on in his long career in electronic music with Front Line Assembly, Delerium, Conjure One and many more besides.

Resolve opens with Charleroi, a slow-burning techno ambient piece that reflects the beauty and despair of the Belgian city’s famous decaying factories.

It also finds a home for the gently insistent Disused, which combines old industrial influences with more modern sci-fi themes. and was recorded during the sessions for his Your Dystopia, My Utopia album, his first for Adam X’s Berlin-based Sonic Groove label.

The EP also contains the elegant shimmer of Meaningless Marker Of Mortality, and the sweeping Vangelis-like grandeur of Monolithic Myriad Manifold.

This is the first in what will be a series of EPs which give Fulber the space to explore a range of different styles based on current moods in an increasingly complex world.

Tracklist: Rhys Fulber – Resolve (FR Records, FREP01)

01. Charleroi
02. Disused
03. Meaningless Marker of Morality
04. Monolithic Myriad Manifold

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