Request Lorraine – Reality Vista (Sadan, SDN002)

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Request Lorraine – Reality Vista (Sadan, SDN002)

Israeli producer Request Lorraine drops a debut album on Sadan featuring eight experimental cuts entitled ‘Reality Vista’.

Request Lorraine is a Tel-Aviv based producer and multi-instrumentalist with a background in classical music who takes influence from a vast array of genres and styles, channeling them all together to form his own sound. His debut release “Reality Vista” on Tel-Aviv based contemporary A/V label and platform, Sadan, is a testimony of his eclecticism, characterized by constantly evolving sound structures, crystallic synths, hypnotic deep-space noise, and a strong will to remain unchained to any sort of limitation.

‘Reality Vista’ flows effortlessly like an ever-twisting journey through space, and often tip toes into territories that compliment a club setting as much as they do an introspective, personal listening session.
‘Reality Nest’ kicks off the album with scattered percussion, meandering oscillations weaving around experimental synth patterns before ‘White Chamber’ offers up hypnotic bells that harmonises delightfully with the stabbing chords. ‘A Lost Signal is Transmitting Across Time and Memory’ lays focus on chaotic yet exciting experiments featuring electro-styled drums and cold low frequencies while ‘Reality Vista’ embodies melancholic atmospheres in a tough combination of breaky rhythms and eccentric sonics.

On the flip, ‘Butteryflight’ and ‘Peter Francis’ together deliver syncopated, pulsing grooves fusing with stirring modulations and fantastically, enthralling keys whereas ‘Arpanet’ is a daring cut featuring idiosyncratic beat science peppered with mutating, robotic textures and dazzling synths. ‘Reality Deconstruct’ rounds off this mind boggling album with warping IDM tinges and space echoes in a network of pulsating vessels affirming that music has no limitations.

Tracklist: Request Lorraine – Reality Vista (Sadan, SDN002)

01. Reality Nest
02. White Chamber
03. A Lost Signal is Transmitting Across Time and Memory
04. Reality Vista
05. Butteryflight
06. Peter Francis
07. Arpanet
08. Reality Deconstruct

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