Norwell – In Between (Fanzine Records, FAN012)

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Norwell – In Between (Fanzine Records, FAN012)

Known for his grainy, analogue dance floor hits, Hungarian artist Norwell has retur- ned with a powerful and transcendent 4-track EP, releasing through Fanzine Records. Inbetween EP is a drum-heavy, intricate series of grooves and soundscapes that draw the listener in from the beginning. While remaining faithful to the tendencies of tech- no, this record brings something of its own to the table in the form of acidic basslines
and retro Kosmiche synth parts, resulting in a stunning array of textures.
Eastern Echoes is the opening track on this EP, and it deserves that spot. Combining an intense, Aphex-esque drum beat with hazy, dreamlike Middle Eastern inspired vox and pads, this track is a pumped-up monster of an introduction to the EP. This is immediately followed up with Evaporate Yourself, a dark and brooding beat with a serpentine bassline that creeps its way through the track and combines with the lush, ethereal ebb and flow of the detuned synths and horror-themed vocals. This track is as cosmic as it is industrial, and sits on the fence between the two in a very unique way. Model 244 on the other hand utilises a much more 70’s modular sound remi- niscent of early Kraftwerk hits adapted to the modern age. The track builds layers
upon layers of left-field percussion that dance around the central arpeggiated bass in a very pleasing way, and Norwell doesn’t leave out his signature glitchy, mechanical soundscapes, which give the track its glorious tension and release. The EP is roun- ded off with Repetition Void, potentially the most experimental of the four tracks. Flanged hi-hats dance around the listeners ears and hazy analogue keys induce a hypnotic trance, exacerbated by the almost Papal choir vocals that fit seamlessly into
the background.
As Norwell’s first release through the Fanzine Label, this EP is dark, it is foreboding, and with the unexpected turns the rhythm takes, it doesn’t care about your feelings. If you’re ready to be punched in the face by this sci-fi horror listening experience, watch for the release of this EP, Fanzine latest addition to their roster of tasty elec- tronic jams.

Tracklist: Norwell – In Between (Fanzine Records, FAN012)

01. Eastern Echoes
02. Evaporate Yourself
03. Model 244
04. Repetition Void

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