Reinier Zonneveld – Centaur (Stil vor Talent, SVT189)

It’s Friday again, and the sun is shining super bright here in Berlin. Reinier picked the perfect timing for dropping his latest release, and this is already the third review of Reinier Zonneveld on ItSoundsFuture. This time itcomes with an interesting collaboration, Deva Premal, originally from good old Germany. Deva Premal and her partner Miten merge spiritual music with contemporary musical settings and are one of the major contributors to the soundtrack of just about every 21st-century alternative healing modality. Among their fans are such luminaries like HH Dalai Lama, Tony Robbins and Eckhart Tolle.
Let’s celebrate the weekend, the upcoming spring, the Golden Age and freakin’ good music:
Reinier Zonneveld – Centaur on Stil vor Talent (SVT189).

Tracklist: Reinier Zonneveld – Centaur (Stil vor Talent, SVT189)

01. Invocation (feat. Deva Premal)
02. Extreem (Reinier Zonneveld, Secret Cinema)
03. Centaur
04. That Groove

01. Invocation (feat. Deva Premal)
Ancient mantras of India and Tibet meets Techno. Maybe the Moby remix inspired Reinier to join forces with Deva & Miten. The Golden Age arrived … get ready for this.

02. Extreem (Reinier Zonneveld, Secret Cinema)
The sound of the clash of the old age and the New (yes Golden) Age.
Classic Zonnefeld punch with Secret Cinema turbo booster.

03. Centaur
Musical Tech House in the sense of Stil vor Talent. We enjoyed the composition very much.

04. That Groove
Classic Tech House groover reduced to the essentials.

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Conclusion: We support this new direction. Tracks are delivered in high quality as usual.
Recommendation to buy folks.


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