LAUTER FREUNDE 3 [PART I] (Lauter Unfug, LUMC03P1)

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LAUTER FREUNDE 3 [PART I] on Lauter Unfug Music, LUMC03P1.


Press release:
Lauter Unfug releases a brand new compilation that includes tracks by residents and friends that helped shape the label over time. This release merges the musical influences of the label and reaches out from deep and soulful house to Tech House and Techno. Every track has its own individual character and the well composed remixes underline that every artist has been guided by his unification to the label which has engaged in promoting them around Europe and the world.

The label has also given the artists the opportunity to experiment and therefore release some tunes that sound different to what you might expect given their past releases, so be ready to anticipate some surprises along the way.


Tracklist: LAUTER FREUNDE 3, PART 1 (Lauter Unfug, LUMC03P1)

01. Darknet (Phat Eric, Alex Heide)
02. Hypnosense (Andrew Martin)
03. Mischievous (Chook)
04. Date Night (Chris Hartwig)
05. Trap The Cap (Chris Hartwig)
06. Turn Ya Loose (dotSTRIPE)
07. Program 39 (Early Mornin)
08. Beacons & Dark Riffs (Fonclair)
09. Society Reloaded (Hartojo)
10. Ex Robot Friend (Heartbroken Boys)
11. Goodbye Luv (David Hasert, Patrick Petzold)

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