Stigmata – Paraspectral (Modular Source, MODS01+02)

André Walter returns under his Stigmata guise for an uncompromising techno album entitled ‘Paraspectral’ to kick-start Frankfurt-based imprint Modular Source.

Emerging in 1999, Stigmata was a collaborative project between André Walter and Chris Liebing putting out mysterious heavy duty 4 track releases. After the successful release of ‘Chapter One – The Complete Collection’, mixed by Chris Liebing, Walter now returns as Stigmata for a fresh longplayer on Modular Source – a brand new German techno label with an old school spirit with a release schedule that looks to push an innovative sound.

From start to finish ‘Paraspectral’ is a symbiosis of modern and old school techno spanning different decades with tracks encompassing classic EBM, purist techno, 90s rave and acid, not to mention that signature Stigmata sound. Also featured are two special tracks where Stigmata teams up with Rascal from Rotersand entitled ‘No Heaven’ and ‘Menacing & Sullen’.

Following the release of the album Modular Source will release a heavyweight remix package with artists to be announced.

Stigmata ‘Paraspectral’ drops on Modular Source on 6th March (Vinyl Part 1), 20th March (Vinyl Part 2) and 3rd April 2018 (Digital).


Tracklist: Stigmata – Paraspectral (Modular Source, MODS01+02)

01. Paranormal Ballad
02. Paraspectral
03. Anonoxia
04. No Heaven – feat. ROTERSAND
05. Cone of Power
06. Origin
07. Golgatha
08. Analog Amplitude
09. Menacing & Sullen – feat. ROTERSAND
10. Ancient Anomalies
11. God of Souls
12. Phenomenon
13. Echolalita (vinyl exclusive)

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