DESNA – Psychic Liberation [Frequency Made Music, FQM002]

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DESNA – Psychic Liberation [Frequency Made Music, FQM002]

DESNA unveils the sophomore release on Frequency Made Music with ‘Psychic Liberation’, continuing her exploration of healing frequencies within techno and beyond and reuniting with Sapien Medicine.

Launching a label is often a daunting task. Yet, it’s something NYC-based DJ/producer DESNA is welcoming in her stride as she also looks to introduce, curate and shape a new genre of electronic music under the same title – Frequency Made Music. Exploring and incorporating specific frequencies within her music to aid and assist healing, her continued evolution and pursuit of creativity within house and techno now brings an additional purpose and one in which she looks to be setting the trend. Having launched the label with her three-track ‘IN Hz’ EP in October, gaining support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Leftfield, Radio Slave, Charlotte de Witte and Monika Kruse, mid-December welcomes the label’s second release as she returns with ‘Psychic Liberation’. Shining a spotlight on frequencies to aid mental health, each track on the EP has been created with a single solfeggio frequency to help stress relief, improved focus and energy alignment – while combining with Sapien Medicine once again across the package.

Opening production ‘528 Hz Part 1’ sees DESNA explore one of the most powerful frequencies available to listen to, fusing sweeping, warped vocal interjections with tunnelling melodies to reveal an entrancing and hypnotic techno effort. The frequency itself is known for aiding with reducing the concentration of reactive oxidative species in brain tissue. Next, title track ‘Psychic Liberation 174 Hz’ explores a frequency known for its soothing quality, helping to feel secure to relax muscles to help alleviate tension and pain, combining dubby chords and regimented percussion to trickle down a hazy late-night path. The track also sees DESNA reunite with Sapien Medicine to once again to ‘help break up energetic debris’. To close, the final track ‘Pushing 396 Hz’ explores what DESNA calls ‘the ultimate stronghold from anything weighing you down’ as she introduces a frequency to help release guilt and fear blockages. The track brings a calmer, stripped-back vibe to proceedings, focusing on resonant vocal interjections, deep stabs and slick grooves.

Tracklist: DESNA – Psychic Liberation [Frequency Made Music, FQM002]

01. 528 Hz Part 1
02. Psychic Liberation 174 Hz feat. Sapien Medicine
03. Pushing 396 Hz

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