Mobile Music Production Setup – 8 Weeks in Asia

8 weeks in Asia, 3-6 different countries, and mostly about 23-25kg of luggage … so WHAT to bring or mobile music production???

Since our lives become more and more mobile through always smaller microchips and technology, the modern music producer is not completely bound to his or her music studio.

Though a studio is essential at some point, but for the creative process, if you are on tour, traveling, if you want to jam with friends or just want to make music in any locations where you feel inspired – nowadays we have all the tools.

✶ ✶ Tools ✶ ✶

MacBook Air ➤
Ableton Live 10 ➤
Launchpad Pro ➤
Launchkey 25 (MK II) ➤
Circuit ➤

Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO ➤
Lacie Rugged 4TB ➤

iPhone 6 ➤
Shotgun Mic ➤

Acer C200 ➤
Thunderbolt (Mini Display Port) to HDMI ➤

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