Splonie – Don’t Wonna Lose EP [Trick, TRICK044]

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Splonie – Don’t Wonna Lose EP [Trick, TRICK044]

Splonie debuts on Patrick Topping’s Trick with ‘Don’t Wonna Lose EP’ this February

Following releases on Street Tracks, Kukushka, and Skream’s Of Unsound Mind, Splonie readies his debut appearance on Patrick Topping’s Trick imprint with ‘Don’t Wonna Lose EP’. Combining his nostalgic love of the 90’s rave scene with a passion for synth-wave, the Welsh DJ/producer delivers four colourful and energetic house tracks tinged with melodic sensibilities.

Title track ‘Don’t Wonna Lose’ leads the pack with chugging synths and punchy drums alongside catchy vocal chops, before ‘We Dance We Love’ keeps the party moving with its pounding kicks and upfront basslines. ‘Crystals’ sees ethereal pads meet crisp percussion as bright melodies flourish throughout before the trance-inducing ‘In Love’ closes out the release with a flurry of vibrant riffs and sizzling production.

Tracklist: Splonie – Don’t Wonna Lose EP [Trick, TRICK044]

01. Don’t Wonna Lose
02. We Dance We Love
03. Crystals
04. In Love

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