Itsoundsfuture goes YouTube

It’s Friday fellas!
And today, itsoundsfuture¬†has something really SPECIAL for you(tube) ūüėČ

Oh yeah. Again.

Today we launched from Cape Kreuzberg Air Force Base Station successfully mission Deep Space II (ISF.Youtube) in order support our itsoundsfuture love mothership and space station, being in the orbit since Jan 2016. In just 10 month we get now huge support by Novation, and together we do a five parts series to reach deep into unknown territory, the Youtube galaxy.

Part of the first, fearless and already legendary crew of explorers are our master of disaster Mongroove, the man for all seasons Matthias Horn ( also our current brand model ) and our commander, Hartojo.

Check out our very first production which we are SUPER excited to show to YOU and the world …

The first mission
We have to reach 500 youtube followers, otherwise we can’t change this UGLY CHANNEL URL:

So people, follow, share, like or comment if you feel like, it definitely helps us on our first mission. You can expect more THRILLING QUALITY CONTENT in the future from the isf crew! We already deliver video in 1080p, shot by two cameras, all wrapped up with freakin’ warm and crystal clear sound.

Tech House with Novation Launchpad Pro & Hartojo

Tech House with Novation Launchpad Pro & Hartojo

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