Blush Response – Void In (Megastructure, MS002)

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Blush Response – Void In (Megastructure, MS002)

Berlin based producer and sound designer BLUSH_RESPONSE presents VOID IN, his first full length for MEGASTRUCTURE_.

Fresh off the heat from the HAKAI EP, VOID IN features 10 tracks of meticulously crafted sound sculpture that transmit the listener into a deep atmospheric liquid metal world. Blush‘s signature synthetics create an ever changing sound palette that ebbs and flows through the album. Generative granular textures meld with echoing voices and rolling, distorted beats to create realities that contract and expand like gravitons spiraling through a blackhole. This album is a showcase of Blush‘s pro- wess as a producer and sound designer, and presents yet another chapter in the ever evolving world of BLUSH_RESPONSE. Having contributed recent design work to companies such as Arturia and Elektron, Blush follows through on his commitment to personal timbral evolution. Join in once again for his annual report from the sonic dimension.

Tracklist: Blush Response – Void In (Megastructure, MS002)

01. Void In
02. Slamhound
03. Loa
04. Morphic Polymer
05. Physics as a Weapon
06. Chiralium
07. Gene Stealer
08. The Second Aethyr
09. Waves of Silver
10. Timefall

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