Michael Klein – You EP [Arkham Audio, ARKIO10]

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Michael Klein – You EP [Arkham Audio, ARKIO10]

Techno deviant Michael Klein returns with a six-track EP entitled You. The pulsating beats comprise three original cuts from Klein, while each one has a remix from artists who instil their imprint and interpretation on the music. Released under the Arkham Audio label, which Cri du Coeur heads, it will be the tenth edition in the Arkio series.

Frankfort native Klein is known for delivering club chuggers that keep feet stomping into the depths of the night. Opening track ‚You‘ is no exception: palpitating basslines, wavering beeps, and an acid-tinged body add certain velocity. With steamy stabs, hard-hitting claps, and running snares make the number a club burner.

The remix by Portuguese producer Temudo takes the driving elements and supercharges them. He accentuates the metallic hits and gives the track more of an electrical bounce.

The second original number by Klein is ‚Red‘. It is possibly named due to its high intensity and probability of putting things into the red. It has oscillating sci-fi bleeps shot forward by a heavy kick drum, valve releases, and icy hats.

The U.S born but Berlin-based artist Dustin Zahn remixes ‚Red‘. He smooths the edges of the cut with a contagious rhythm. The primal bouncing percussions are hipshaking and heart-racing, while he uses the vocal elements to enhance the flow.

Finally is ‚105‘, which is a hard-hitting techno bomb. With tricky snares, alarm like stabs and seductive builds, it will have dance floors erupting.

The remix by Cri du Coeur and Erratum is a much more punchy affair. It emphasises the claps in the beginning before introducing a devious synth. Like all the tracks on the EP, it‘s made for extensive sound systems.

Tracklist: Michael Klein – You EP [Arkham Audio, ARKIO10]

01. You
02. You (Temudo Remix)
03. Red
04. Red (Dustin Zahn Remix)
05. 105
06. 105 (Cri Du Coeur & Erratum Remix)

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