Various Artists – Arkham Friends Part 1 (Arkham Audio, ARKIO08)

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Various Artists – Arkham Friends Part 1 (Arkham Audio, ARKIO08)

Arkham Friends’ is a 2 part compilation with an uncompromising lineup of talent from the Arkham Audio family that have been making waves since the labels unveiling just over a year ago.

Part 1 is constructed of 10 quality tracks that speak many different tongues of tech- no. From Roman Poncet’s rhythmic, pulsing, hard energy approach, through to a percussively driven, bassline rich and highly addictive upbeat style from Insolate. Crashguard & Denise Rabe deliver riveting hard, dark and heavy approachs to the mix, while the likes of CYRK & DJ T-1000 fuse together eclectic elements to make tracks offering a unique left of centre approach that is full of surprises. Luis Flores lets everything breathe with his slow burn offering while J. Blofeld cleverly paints a world full of layered soundscapes. The multifaceted part 1 side is completed with Dustin Zahn & K-Ten producing lush synth fueled soundscapes which perfectly mix into this dynamic first part.

The second part of the compilation turns up the intensity to the maximum with 9 slamming club ready tracks. The man behind the label is Jerome D., aka Cri Du Co- eur and he drops a delicious acid heavy track. His approach is supported by Marhu & Florian Meindl who also construct a world of acid-fueled mayhem. Drumcell continues to bring cleverly constructed chaos with a suspenseful array of hard sporadic energy. An unrelenting flood of hard body moving frequencies is added by Zadig & Joe Farr before thick heavy basslines from Germany‘s Oliver Deutschmann fill out the spec- trum. Kaiser and Madben’s gripping tracks are full of suspense and depth and round out this pounding second part of the compilation with a bang.

From top to toe this is a synergy of vigorous tracks that formulate to make an in- vigorating compilation from the Belgium based Arkham Audio which is releasing on September 3rd.

Tracklist: Various Artists – Arkham Friends Part 1 (Arkham Audio, ARKIO08)

01. Roman Poncet – Crisan
02. Insolate – Locomotive
03. Dustin Zahn – Ejected
04. DJ T-1000 – Modulate
05. CYRK – Eprom One
06. Denise Rabe – Spaceless
07. Luis Flores – Decends
08. J. Blofeld – Circles
09. Crashguard – Last Of The Phuture
10. K-Ten – Nightwalker

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