Ignacio Arfeli – No Machine [VOLTA Records, VOLTA004]

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Ignacio Arfeli – No Machine [VOLTA Records, VOLTA004]

Berlin-based Ignacio Arfeli is next up on VOLTA Records with a four track EP of synth heavy and moving techno. A percentage of this label’s profits go to charities and causes chosen by the artists that are involved.

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina and based in Berlin since 2019, Arfeli is a relative newcomer but with a mature sound that belies his age. His powerful sounds combine physical drums and heart-on-sleeve synth work and have come out on labels like Terminal M, We Are The Brave and Noir Music.

Opener ‘Mo Machine’ is twitchy future techno with unsettling synth pulses that keep you on edge. The laser-like synths and steely drums all work you into a state of hypnosis as the tension and texture builds to an intense peak. The superb ‘Light And Darkness’ is another melodic techno track with menacing drums and thunderous energy. A delicate vocal brings intense emotions around the physical groove then ‘New Light’ is another visceral and main room techno cut awash with cosmic melody. Lumpy drums and serene chords bring plenty of drama and last of all comes the terrific ‘Talking to Whales.’ This one has swirling, trance-like chords that will get hands in the air. An epic breakdown and chunky drum programming ensures maximum impact in the club.

Tracklist: Ignacio Arfeli – No Machine [VOLTA Records, VOLTA004]

01. No Machine
02. Light And Darkness
03. New Light
04. Talking To Whales

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