FHLR Musik Podcast #011 w/ Nobots

Hey guys, welcome to another episode, FHLR Podcast #011.
It’s March already, and at the moment Berlin it’s freakin’ cold outside.
But we still hide in our studios, where it’s warm and cosy, so we don’t care too much.

Talking about studio, we dropped our next Release, FHLR #006 from Nobots, and it’s a killer release.
No surprise that Elmar Strathe contributed a remix to it,
and you might know Elmar from Richie Hawtins Label Minus or his own imprint,
5D records. So you can grab your copy from Beatport, where it will be exclusively for the next two weeks.

Our next show is also looking around the corner, Sunday the 11th, we will play again in Suicide Circus Berlin, and we invited this time Paul Ursin, Boy Next Door, VONDA7 and your usual suspects Alex Heide, Maximillion and Dominik Vaillant playing b2b with me, Hartojo.

Since Nobots release is out, this is their podcast, or in this case: it’s a botcast!


Hello you, we are nobots and unable to do this voice over by our selfs, because the guys from fehler musik berlin gave us the freedom to be part of this fucking awesome crew and in order of that, we decided to use text to speak, for saving time, which we need for the production of our second single, other nerdy stuff and really important things like running a sequencer, or shaping one kick drum for ten hours, just normal behavior.

Our first record on fehler music is called Platonische Körper, and now available on beatport and the other well known store.
This liveset included a bunch of live stuff and synth sequences, fat baselines and also some brand new stuff by various artists and nobots for sure. We did this botcast, with a lot of love, so if you listen with love you will feel the love.

FHLR Musik Podcast #011 w/ Nobots:

01. Nobots – Intro
02. Zaparadigma – Utopia
03. Sascha Ciccopiedi – Bad Money (Original Mix)
04. Joran Van Pol – Edge (Original Mix)
05. Egbert – Duister (Original Mix)
06. Gordon Raddei – Hunter
07. Christian Smith – Delivery (Original Mix)
08. Thomas Hoffknecht – Chunky (Original Mix)
09. Hc Kurtz – Collapsed Stare (Original Mix)
10. Nobots – Oktaeder (Original Mix)
11. Nobots – Egoism (Marco Doll Remix)
12. Michel De Hey – Enough Isn’t Enough (Original Mix)
13. Popof – Confusion (Original Mix)
14. Russell (IE) – Warcall (Coyu Raw Edit)
15. Mojo 82 – Fatness (Original Mix)
16. Nobots – Last Final Pre Master (Island Mix)
17. Nobots – They Don’t Care (Christian Glaubel Mix)
18. Booka Shade – Night Surfing (Original Mix)

You can follow Nobots on all social media:

▶ @Nobots
▶ www.facebook.com/nobotstechno/
▶ www.beatport.com/artist/nobots/665911

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