Gotshell – Lost Gateway EP (Korpus 9, K9011)

[ ? ISF Premiere ? ] Gotshell – Lost Gateway EP (Korpus 9, K9011)

Korpus 9 meets Colombian master of experimental techno better known as Gotshell previously released on such labels as Planet Rhythm, Sleaze Records, Suara, and now breaks into business without knocking on the door with exceptional EP called
Lost Gateway.

It all starts with heavy kick of Gate one accompanied by a static acid bass line brin- ging a portion of serious character to the storytelling. As soon as we hear some truly experimental stuff with maddening vocals and breath of unidentified human being on one side and trippy acid deforming line from another – that‘s Gate two for sure. Gate three lands us a little bringing Eastern meditative sounds deftly engineered with fine airy synthline. Last but not least Gate four sums it up with crazy set of sounds skillfully connected to each other turning into a full-fledged techno track. Exclusive cover complements and further describes these underground compositions.

Definitely crafted to put in a bag, from Korpus 9, with love!

Tracklist: Gotshell – Lost Gateway EP (Korpus 9, K9011)

01. Gate One
02. Gate Two
03. Gate Three
04. Gate Four

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