Cora Novoa – The Hive Remixes (Citizen Records, DTZ030)

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Cora Novoa – The Hive Remixes (Citizen Records, DTZ030)

After the huge success of Cora Novoa’s ‘The Hive’ single back in April, Citizen boss Vitalic now steps up to remix it under his Dima alias alongside Louisahhh!!!, Djedjotronic and Karabine.
Vitalic is a French mainstay who has long been bringing techno and electro invention to labels and clubs around the world. His Dima alias dates back to the nineties but has been more recently revived to explore different techno styles. His fantastic remix of ‘Hey’ is an intense one that rolls back and forth on its heels, with busted sub bass and distorted kicks making for a big wall of techno sound.
Louisahhh!!! has become one of techno’s chief practitioners with her dark sound influenced by a wide array of genres from EBM to wave. She runs the acclaimed RAAR label and here takes on ‘The Hive’ going for a visceral, pounding, mid-tempo track with machine-gun like stabs, dark vocals and haunting synths.
Berlin based, Bordeaux born Djedjotronic has an arresting sound that is most at home on labels like Boysnoize Record. His version of ‘Hey’ gets you in a trance with its grubby, rave-y lead synth spraying about the mix while weighty drums stomp underneath. It’s strobe lit, full of shadows and is brilliant in its starkness.
Last of all is label regular Karabine attacks the same original, slowing things to a monstrous and menacing crawl that is paranoid and predatory. Percolating drums and brain frying synths making it pure angst.
These are high impact tracks that explore the darkest realms of techno.

Tracklist: Cora Novoa – The Hive Remixes (Citizen Records, DTZ030)

01. Hey (Dima remix)
02. The Hive (Louisahhh!!! remix)
03. Hey (Djedjotronic remix)
04. Hey (Karabine remix)

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