FHLR Musik Podcast #028 w/ Boudi Boudin & Salomé

BB&S met for the first time in 2013 at a techno concert in Berlin. Since then, they have not only become a couple but they have also created their own DJ duo, their own music and releases. At the beginning BB&S were looking for their own style and started to learn and work hard on the art of DJing.

In 2017 they got their first big gigs at big well-known parties like Electric Monday, Zirkus Bizarre and Opium. Through this big break grew both their reputation and the interest of other party organizers. In the same year they got resident DJs at the Symbiotikka Party and then in the following year, at the Apokalipstick Party, both at the famous Kit Kat Club in Berlin. BB&S wants to go on and to see forward: their passion for techno led them to produce their own music. Their first tracks got released on the label Fehler Musik in 2019.

The two DJs are not yet satisfied. They are still looking for Labels and booking agencies which could enable them to release more music and offer them more live opportunities. Their style is grounded in Berliner Dark Techno. BB&S feel creative and especially workable in this scene. There is no Hits and Beatport charts in their setlists. Constant changing, melodic and drifty beats are for BB&S the key-words against monotony.

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Tracklist: FHLR Musik Podcast #028 w/ Boudi Boudin & Salomé

01. Darmec Night Train Original Mix
02. Boudi Boudin & Salomé – Le Chat
03. Boudi Boudin & Salomé – La Balle
04. Boudi Boudin & Salomé – Brouillard
05. Mython – Scheuern [Flash-X-014] 06. Marul & Purson – Submerge (Original Mix)
07. Alex Stein & K.A.L.I.L – Emerge (Original Mix)
08. Sven Wittekind – Disturbed
09. Boudi Boudin & Salomé – Étoile
10. Draumaser – Drippin (Robert Furrier Remix)
11. Yan Cook – Counterclockwise [COOKED06] 12. Mython – Scherbenhaufen [Flash-X-014]

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