Burning Bär 2017 Aftermovie

Another Burn, another Bär!
Burning Bär 2017 is our kickoff into the 2K17 burner season … as being part of the Berlin Burners and Bär organizers, we documented the event again. The Burning Bär 2016 story is still our most read article on this blog, but this time we wanted to make something new.
Sit back, relax and enjoy our Burning Bär 2017 Aftermovie!

As always, CONSENT IS KING. We asked and included only four persons which are recognizable.
So the blur adds a touch for a rather artsy movie. Of course there was a lot of more going on.
But we want that people still have to discover a lot at future Burning Bärs.

Burner Mission N° 2 is also around the corner: AfrikaBurn 2017 – Play.

See what happened last year …

Part 1: AfrikaBurn People
Part 2: talking to Lil Black
Part 3: meeting the Spirit Train
Part 4: Takeoff
Part 5: Desert Fever

BURNING BÄR 2017 - itsoundsfuture.com

BURNING BÄR 2017 – itsoundsfuture.com

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