VII Circle – From the Depths (HEX Recordings, HEX002)

Pick of the weekend: VII Circle – From the Depths (HEX Recordings, HEX002)

Appearing in 2016, VII Circle’s post-punk and metal inspired techno has arrived on labels like Flyance Records, Illegal Alien Records and their own Rapid Eye Movement. When not performing in Poland, Germany, Spain and Georgia the talented VII Circle are regulars at HEX’s renowned Barcelona-based techno events. Having contributed a remix to the debut release, VII Circle is now back on HEX Recordings, helmed by PØLI and Lorenzo Raganzini, for the label’s second outing with a release inspired by Dante’s Inferno.

‘Conflict’ opens the release with fast paced percussion, sustained atmospherics and frenzied high hats before ‘Arise’ weaves acid dipped synths into metallic clashes and hard hitting stabs. ‘Timeless’ is next, pairing haunting textures with stormy effects, leading into ‘END’ which swiftly builds into a powerful cut complete with growling bass. Tying everything together, Nexe Records founders NX1 remix ‘Conflict’ incorporating warped frequencies and a murky low-end.

Tracklist: VII Circle – From the Depths (HEX Recordings, HEX002)

01. Conflict
02. Arise
03. Timeless
04. END
05. Conflict (NX1 Remix)

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