FHLR Musik Podcast #022 w/ The Accountant

Hey there,
it’s Daniel from Fehler Music, welcome back to the show. It’s Friday evening in Berlin, the weather is warm and wet, and the very first August weekend is about to happen.

It’s an exciting month for me personally, because I am celebrating my 40th birthday this month,
more than 20 years into techno and rave, and honestly, I don’t see myself coming down in any kind of form about whole techno thing and the rave culture.

Quite on the contrary, I celebrate this lifestyle, and on the 23rd of August, the day off my birthday party, I am dropping my next release: The Valley of Darkness, FHLR022.

22 because it’s my birthday, 22 because it’s a master number, 22 is the master builder.
That’s my birthday present to myself, and another epic present is flying in, and what I will reveal here are the two things.

She is flying in from the city of angels.

I invite you to celebrate with my friends, the FHLR tribe and me in the Lux Club Berlin.
It’s directly at the Schlesisches Tor, here in the heart of Kreuzberg.

Coming back to our show, today we have the Account from Calgary.
He and his friends are the first Canadian artists on our label and the dropped release FHLR019 – After Love. Jordan created today a mixed house and techno set for us, let’s hear what he has to say:


this is the Accountant here, It’s a beautiful day in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, warm, sunny, hot. This is my mix, some records I enjoy listening to and playing, some originals, some collaborations with other artists. Enjoy.


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Tracklist: FHLR Musik Podcast #022 w/ The Accountant

01. Closer Musik – One, Two, Three, No Gravity (Original Mix)
02. The Accountant – Rye Brush (Original Mix)
03. Fuck Pony – For The Management (Original Mix)
04. The Accountant – Alien in Her Left Eye (Original Mix)
05. Qubica – Afrormosia (Original Mix)
06. Id Ensemble – MonoCat (Original Mix)
07. The Accountant – Melting Pot (Original Mix)
08. The Accountant + a toy rabbit + DJ RSSN – Egypt Egg (Original Mix)
09. TEED – Body Move (Original Mix)
10. The Accountant + w8Less – Bragg Caves (Original Mix)
11. The Accountant – Front Body (Original Mix)
12. Da Capo – Dance in Villa (Original Mix)
13. Soulpoizen – Jungle Images (Original Mix)
14. Randomer – Flooring (Original Mix)

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