FHLR Musik Podcast #021 w/ Jason Voon

A very warm welcome back to the FHLR Music podcast. This time with my very good friend Jason Voon from Kuala Lumpur, who I recently visited during my Southeast Asia tour. Actually he is my brother from another mother, because he was born on the very same day of the year, in the very same city. The universe conspired hard so we met, and of course we met in Berlin and of course for the a reason… Yes, you guessed it, because techno! He is the founder of the Technologue parties series running at Under9 in K.L., which is a home base for techno in Kuala Lumpur, and every month you can catch him playing at headquarters in Singapore.

There is also a release with Fehler Musik in the pipeline, coming out very soon, follow us and get the update. Talking about releases, next Monday FHLR019 is coming out with our first Canadian artist on the label, followed by another release from Christian Hornbostel, the man with more than 1000 productions under his belt.

Without further do, we jump right in the mix, enjoy it heavily …


Known for his uncompromising techno, Jason is most at home throwing hard-hitting rhythms behind the decks. Whether it is groovy, dark or heavy, his range of raucous beats is firmly rooted in dance music history. Since starting out as a hip hop DJ in the mid-90’s, his musical spectrum is wide-ranging and you will often detect a good fusion of dub, acid, rhythmic bass and industrial punches in his DJ sets.
A techno purist at heart, Jason founded Technologue at Under9, a home base for techno in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he can be heard championing the cause on monthly rotation. Having supported alongside techno titans such as Answer Code Request, Truncate, Space Djz, Lady Starlight, Cleric, he believes that there is a unique place for techno, desired mostly by non-conformists.

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Tracklist: FHLR Musik Podcast #021 w/ Jason Voon

01. Altered States – Cleric/Setaoc Mass ft. John C Lilly
02. Dungeon (Ø Phase Remix) – Planetary Assault Systems
03. Detached (Original Mix) – Par Grindvik
04. Circumference 12 (Original Mix) – Peter Van Hoesen
05. Submerged Metropolitan (Original Mix) – Ø Phase
06. This Absent Mind (Original Mix) – Ø Phase
07. Cannon Fodder (Planetary Assault Systems Rework) – Lucy
08. Random Kingdom (Original Mix) – Planetary Assault Systems
09. Leave One (Original Mix) – Par Grindvik & Pfirter
10. The Grinder (Original Mix) – Planetary Assault Systems
11. Engage Now (Original Mix) – Planetary Assault Systems
12. Twelve (Len Faki Hardspace Mix) – Planetary Assault Systems
13. Bear Bones – Planetary Assault Systems
14. Screen (2018 Re-edit) – Planetary Assault Systems
15. Ikat (Original Mix) – Amotik
16. Human Use Concrete – Planetary Assault Systems
17. Diesel Drudge (Function Rework) – Planetary Assault Systems
18. Born Anchors – Planetary Assault Systems
19. Molecular Spasms (Original Mix) – Lewis Fautzi
20. Deep Illusion (Original Mix) – Lewis Fautzi
21. Ancient Way – Lewis Fautzi
22. Ethics (The Advent – Late Night Remix) – Mr. Jones

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